Villeneuve-d’Ascq (59)

24 October 2018 Testimony

We bought a house that was equipped with a salt softener system. 3 years after, it broke down and the company in charge of maintenance told us that we needed to replace it. The salt softener is efficient against scale but it overconsumes a lot of water, I need to regularly handle 25 kg salt bags and the water is not pleasant to drink. We looked out for new kind of technologies. The only company that delivered a technical and authentic speech was ECOBULLES. We purchased an Ecobulles system in 2011 and we definitely don’t regret it. The ECOBULLES system leaves a bit more white traces than our salt softener but they don’t embed and can be erased very easily. Also, water is pleasant to drink, the process is ecological and doesn’t take much space.

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