Undeniable benefits

Hygiene & Health

Your tap water gets no bad taste and keeps all its minerals (calcium and magnesium)

  • ECOBULLES does not alter water drinkability
  • Keeps all its mineral elements
  • Generates bicarbonates that ease up digestion and have a positive effect on the skin 
  • Eradicates existing scale deposits, which limits bacteria. CO2 is known for its bacteriostatic properties (it limits bacteria development).


You will not have to deal with salt bags, and you will not need a connection to the public sewer.

  • Silent process
  • Compact design
  • Flexible and easy to set up
  • Easy maintenance
  • Avoids salt bags problems, unlike salt softeners

Comfort & Well-Being

Your skin gets preserved because the water pH stays closer to the skin pH.

  • Allows nice baths because the scale is dissolved
  • Your skin gets preserved because the water pH stays closer to the skin pH. People with eczema, psoriasis or simple rashes will notice a great improvement
  • Brings flexibility to your clothes and brightness to your hair.
  • Contributes to less skin creams use and less detergent use
  • Does not alter water taste

Ecology & Economy

It keeps from water overconsumption and sewage pollution (unlike salt softeners)

  • No water overconsumption, no waste
  • No polluting rejects (chloride) in the sewage
  • No salt consumption
  • Reduction of maintenance costs of your electrical goods and sanitary devices
  • Energy reduction due to the descaling of the existing installations (1mm of additional scale on a resistance = 10% of additional electricity consumption)
  • Neutralizes CO2

Did you know?

In France, salt softeners consume more than 10 millions cubic meters of water and more than 120,000 tons of salt each year…

As of today, the different ECOBULLES systems neutralize more than 250 tons of CO2 each year, which is the same as 5,000 Paris-London roundtrips by plane!

If all the owners of salt softeners chose Ecobulles, we would neutralize 10,000 tons of CO2 each year.