V.G Tavannes

24 October 2018 Switzerland

We used to have a salt softener. The water taste was of course saltier, efficiency was ok, and our consumption bigger because the system has ti be cleaned up each week. Since we have installed Ecobulles, there is no more scale, we notice it particularly in our kettle, no need to put vinegar in it each month like before. To clean up our shower windows, no more products, just a cloth stroke, and cold-water rinsing is enough. About showers, our skin felt better, much less dry which proves again the benefits of this system that is 100% natural, because it doesn’t have any chemical products, which is of course very important ecologically. Another detail that is worth mentioning, we don’t use softeners for our laundry nor any salt for the dishwasher. Like written earlier, since it doesn’t contain any chemical products, the water has a better taste. Never forget also that in terms of maintenance, there is no assistance per year, no need of any salt bags or pastilles, no need of maintenance from the reseller except for the CO2 bottle replacement only once a year.

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