Why does it work?

The Ecobulles® system injects alimentary CO2 into water.
In contact with water, the CO2 turns into carbonic acid and therefore lowers the water pH.

Proof by the image!

Discover how the CO2 acts on water pH and why it has an evident efficiency on scale.

What do you need to know about CO2?

Do you know where the CO2 used by Ecobulles comes from?
Can you store safely CO2 at home? Can you drink water with CO2?

Find the answers to your questions in this video.

The scale gets dissolved
and its disavantadges vanish.


Calcium and magnesium,
naturally present in water and essential to our health, are preserved

The same effect as white vinegar

The CO2 acts like white vinegar but in a much softer way, with no risks for pipelines and no taste in water.

The ECOBULLES® technology eradicates all the problems related to hard water while preserving the totality of calcium and magnesium that are essential to our health.

A very simple process!

Because it is installed after the main water meter, the right dose of CO2 is injected for each liter of water you use.

Therefore, it treats all the needs in water of your household, your community or your business.

The system is set up depending on the hardness of your water, and it has a curative and preventive effect on your pipes, your sanitary and household equipment.

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Did you know?
H2O + CO2 = H2CO3

Under the effect of the CO2 in water, the calcium carbonates (embedding scale) turn into calcium bicarbonates (80 times more soluble than carbonates and therefore non-embedding).

The Ecobulles system is the result of a chemical formula. Therefore, its efficiency is unquestionable!

It is scientific, natural and it works!

Try it for yourself!

Put a foamer or a flow aerator in sparkling water for a whole night, and see the results!